Samba da Minha Terra
(Samba from My Land)

Dorivel Caymmi / João Gilberto

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	Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 10:50:13 +0100
	From: Tropical Music/Claus Schreiner 
	Subject: copyright violation

	] For the publication of songlyrics [...] in internet you
	] need the authorization of the composers and writers and/or their
	] publishers.
	] You are violating the copyrights of some of our compositions as
	] Hobalala and BimBom.
	] [...]
	] Claus Schreiner TROPICAL MUSIC GmbH
	] POB 2230, D 35010 Marburg/L Germany
	] Fon +49-6421-26333/Fax +49-6421-21791
	] website:

	Dear Mr Schreiner,

	Thank you for your notification of possible copyright violations of
	the lyrics pages on my bossa nova web site. Due to your warning, I have
	removed all pure lyrics pages (which included my clearly amateur English
	translations). The only content that remains are the transcriptions of
	guitar chords along with their corresponding sung words as interpreted
	directly from recordings. These interpretations are made available free
	of charge and solely for educational purposes and therefore fall under
	fair use.

	Jason Brazile
	Feb 2006

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